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Radio Nowhere


The Radio Nowhere Road Trip Is Here...a FREE all-new, interactive album launch experience. It's an epic 8-day Online Road Trip for music lovers! 

Hi - I'm Mike from the band Radio Nowhere, and I'm super-excited to let you know about the Radio Nowhere Road Trip! You'll get the entire album delivered right to your inbox for free, along with unreleased demos, the stories behind the songs, inside information on the recording process, and other exclusives you can’t get anywhere else!

If  you're a fan of Tom Petty, Neil Finn or Counting Crows, you'll dig this. The Road Trip is an experiment, an attempt to find a way around all the usual music biz b.s. and connect directly with real music fans like you. You've never experienced music this way before - I promise.

Interested? Just click the big red button below - the Road Trip starts now!

What They're Saying...

Why Take The Road Trip?

My songs are all about traveling and moving, about hitting the road…or coming back home. Most of them are actually written and demoed on the road, usually on the highways and dirt roads of the American West. I want to take you on a journey over the interstates and byways of this album, so you can get to know the music in a deeper and more intimate way than ever before.

Each day, for 8 days, I’ll lead you behind the scenes of a different song from the album. You’ll learn what inspired the song, how it was recorded (in detail), what the lyrics mean. At the end of 8 days, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the record - not to mention all of the actual songs from the album, in the audio format of your choice - and a connection to the music that's way more significant than what you'd get from just streaming some songs. 

What Will It Sound Like?

In a word, fantastic! And served up just the way you want it, too. You should never have to be stuck with somebody else's favorite streaming service, or have to bang your head against the wall trying to figure out how to download a song to your phone. 

“Interstate Medicine” will be delivered to you via daily emails featuring your choice of direct download or free stream on your service of choice. You can even get the album in ultra-high quality 32-bit WAV audio (better than CD)! 

Will There Be Any Bonuses?

Of course. We worked super-hard on this album for the better part of a year, pulling long days on the highway and in the studio, and long nights in the clubs to make sure the music was the best it could be. And we're not cutting any corners when it comes to extras, either.

The Radio Nowhere Road Trip gives you access to behind-the-scenes content, detailed explanations, bonus tracks, and special videos that can't be found anywhere else, including:

  • Original demos for all songs
  • Acoustic mini-concert videos
  • An illustrated digital booklet containing all the lyrics
  • Liner note credits
  • Track-by-track audio commentary on the album
  • Karaoke tracks for you to sing along to

Why Am I Doing This?

The short version is, I'm doing this for you...you’re here because you like real songs, by real people, with real lyrics and some meat on the bones. Honest, authentic, passionate music that you can crank in the car on a hot summer road trip, learn all the words to and sing around a campfire, or keep you company in the middle of the night

I’m first and foremost a music fan…who got into music in the first place to make music that I wasn’t hearing enough of, the kind of thing that you & I would want to listen to. After years and years of trying things their way, the music industry way, enduring wanky lunches with record labels and opening for aloof rock stars - approaches that just focused on raw sales and discouraged trying anything new and making actual connections with actual people, like you…I decided the hell with it. I’m going to release my music directly to real music fans without any strings attached, the way I’ve always wanted it to be heard.

This  is  an  experiment,  and  frankly I  don’t  know  how  it’s  going  to  turn  out.  I’m  taking a  big  leap  of  faith with  my  music  career  and  I’m  betting  on  people  like  you. I believe  that  if  I  open  the  doors  and communicate my music directly to you,  things are bound to work out better  than  the  way  that  the  music industry  typically does  things. 

So, against the recommendations of many of my industry contacts...I’m choosing to release this album as an experience for you, a way for you to really dive into and get behind the music, and for you and me to connect in the process.

Will it work? Who knows? Let's find out!

So come hit the road with me! Just click the big red button below - the Roadtrip starts now!